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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 6, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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but ey a sti etlre autinro s $7 blionpart n t a spetiing a bon rt cu. pe prgidenobamtalkg abt the stamate earercu prenamlk tabay at eta te wn hl mtingnar nnsy tania a >> h manfolkare mar ed h mng sy ia here h anwhenlks thelastarimeou jt t yo re enthste j yoay?? th's n how it wks. mn,he ft iththat nou ow hat to w. mak m f cpromes. i at it uld bhaeo eas tak jt tol com . ur c ds at god b homas t at's jot wolthe meri cn aoom 's oplelect w uto dri th ected lect u d th eeds to c speing causcuttg spdingill ad ta beer eironntso for cpe g b us crettorsspnglo reat tbe eonor job wilrefighsfor ao maat endi cutas w canob ilghr ama g. di ut w jonanspear boner sing e twsidehave m ge proess buontheeaalksbor a sgot twdeve fishe m ro st by ongbueks sho a weave tea fhe fox bygho cerag carl amer livweon ceitoleaox hi. fit toende gol cag rler live at col the ite hi h to dendelolhey aounc lathis e meeing te ithe h. el day y doe ancnows wha meg tri ierede it? ay jondo iw thankried it y ha beet?
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speaonr i bhner tt ha asseetionhat e hoeae wrld ve b oner o wee ss onexdetsiti of e bhoget, w v an o ee id the de ptisidef mad bt,lear h a esn' lik heidpokehey pdeadoehn onarelep hne n' ik th morngheke a withnnep senor thor aderarry rd a oeredithe to he a meeenngere he erry wh re hode lar t oayed and haee e boehr reptedltoldim hwhhola t nddn'thinkt was n essaeh. ep budlasldhe p hside t vele'tnkas om nsa pnsylbuni to w pdeork, tle ais s he pyl divedo hatk, wmaks h ai seivt n mad aknoug hh progss othei own a deci nd to cadlhemug bacto t og oaleiwn affic in fcit,to cesteaymac t mr. bama dicaid if f thete canort r. mat, hwoul cal hemd bfk andhean t l datoda the hul qalstio wm b k ndwhy ere w no daeetidahe qio w sc duley e wo ti jo jonwhatoes e whe ho e sait isc thele sckin jo int?on at s welwh the ho presadent ihend his sin des y t? elhehempasrent isis lef s overow mh t cut tasn it iss ef over e ctly er wh m tout cut tit anshey ccus rerubli ens olywhout anyus r li oyingo stl ideogic armentoverfor ng exa sledeic anneparehood ndarnterrxahe nereod enronmtal otecon anc bicaltarvg tm in
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ene nanm ofl ec a d icit bal ructirv. tin e pr idennaalsof madlear ditn r tinnsyaniaodaye wi prcontenue tsopushad forarnvesents syia heayeliewis ar ecesntry t tsh or ma the cntryests heoreieares t coetit e inhemautur he >> hav c alrrydyaide weave co goit toinutur >>avlr sndin d iuste wane t go moeure are sttininthe r httan t tngs. m e don' proe ct trengs we in done r ed a t o n' thiros tsha eweon aet ohi d [ ap ause that my bic d ap aseitud at>>yheresi bnt saiaili to ach a agrudment w ld htsi ai thlicounoy athe eryh wgrstnt w h me jt as e arethunatlimbg o ofyhe w wst rec sion j scesarhe mbeat o of w dressn.econ s t jo >> j: weell dler ss the hoe. anks wjodell here js whwe thel r heeds ll u aho ut d n woksd wll m wh he manys u s dwo 8,000ones mntia an rkermay offhe j.s 8the 00lita wou notesiae pai ery ff afr fr jay but e taouot tops wldai ep eningaffroneyndut g ts w payccks en t gov nmen e ng starey up g aga. ycs tov seenors uld epar gpting medigare andseocias d sec gityng di benets. d the cld bnda deiay inecy proc sing neaper. tax th c ret bnsde nt wee oldocngerlectniax cimset uld wee find tect fox cov cages
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cd tinuinow. cate camoxonove l cenun citol . hi. caam ka wredo l tngs c staol i thehi neg iatis rkaht w tsta n? >>ell, it eegti dep rds o wou you a n. >>mel,tay ty are gepting o w uoser a othe say heres no tar movent g ng at all re isort ofer heayherere to ovt siline of tsatll plang f ld irtf ar re tthe mocrs hesine tla f ar p posee cr $33 hllioin sndin cut t thurre pse 3 iscaio sinut t thre yeaca 201 repuicanhaveea sugstedhey 01 arwillg to ome pu dowanverom eir useuged pasyd bi arlltoeowm o $61 llioin c s tor easbibout o0 bi ion cut1 orio cto s utha w ld sbinatun utha ere a s 7 b lionolla w stuap. e burepuican aalso w btonla the poli. rids. bu pu anthatso wha wtouhe li hea wdellid go r taating haout sentlly eafund wr lllit gota spg dingt n t pside 's nty hendth l car refm spng t l. p e.dea. he regatio, anaref grps like l p nnede. penthd whh isegio an egr nion' ke larst p aboedion pthwhis ovid. th n sayn'the rublinsar tha bon th mayelosi in id o th sayee r li sortf aha theal.ay siand nenhere ore s con rvat esrta who yl. d uh-u re so tt's whyhisonat veni 'so meing s-u t isorta. hys thpresent,nihe trd artymeg s
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in tse ita thes tt,kss tty toone tn t lategointo he toecid ere ene t mides teinn h tiro id numbs an thate ile be tid al o n t mbanate t oon. n >>on: atboutn ts tk. >>: ofeepi anoer extutsion ts t pa ofpi fday. no the aret eughxton legiativpadaysoet fy. theret f elh budg cometed by gi friivyys ni tt. la fakerhavenown nd w havdgeom ed ybeenri reptingoreeks ni tha laerve wn w ulavmate the wou beenepng aks ha adtion sho-ter ul exttesionhe ou ethe e th r aublinslann adto ponhho ferwardo txton hou e th oor rmorrli if erenn is o p f rd de t forouhe lg-te br getrrf e sul esstial be adeor one l wtek bt ex nsiossalene wh $1billn in w ex ioendi cut ilude in w it.$1llin now,heresint and di demutrats i de nhavet. w,sindemaidts tt's ve tally acceablend tds tshorterm exteion n't y t witly cele t the use eakert johm boeteern t itas oughhe e keohepubcanso pasoeitn a stight par lghe ve.ub ns inas pt, bstausehttheyar l h ve ad d tot p dense b speseing.ey the h ad.o.dtos dsepe appg.pria on f e the st othe aror.dppia tha f $516e illi oe f theentan ha d 16li felatheilitytan
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exdndites tt wi bngat me cservivesityver. exit an tit cwild p bs touse c whrvh meess itiller. u to an c p se tte docrase and the wh mepresitent le rej utot,hutt gse d radownndhehe g ernmest,t ej pottial frayttight and otwn ging the gnm oopshe motey talt e rybofr ht sand the nee gghe ps m t ebo saheee joncarlamer on pito hill anks onrlern to car ll wh wou itksookike i yr feral arvernnt s uldwhoutk dowe i esum yly i wod b fel rn sotdow like 199 um i woat's bhe lt te the wa a shown. theke99 lonst 'seder l shu tthwaown a thesh natn'sn. hetoryonerhu n last g 21 ulleat dss. e po hry oic delered t st 21maill but datiol po par ohuteled t wn a ng w h thil outicesio andar wetites o f eral a wth oes anciend woweers oppeesthe ean o fupal of aie wos pee toncaistf a u.ealt to monirsst a sppedhe u seadflt ni diuise sthe edds sd flougd a qrter miion rkerand dilfse e milln otrs w fkedugaitho qer min paer d we a traing l t ll otvelo wentsdn thho sry. pa st wit arag tx thugho the lots th hournd int s the. ton ht fstit e vethhohe latt. urntheon f but,irst i youveav bnat woerin wher shept,sst itoniut. is be acally ioust woprepining errepnihe isacly i fal
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scest uttleplaung chededo ppenn f s jun tl anuntodahe gedo toake rid en inun an nasdas gwn sce sttleoe id s sle siri mular. >>hepa: silato inoust yocan e owla >> intpacatesittonst yon i sim lat evethinthatntte haens th t i a ronam s. atve tainngatff has t dcendg, un ndin aandna ta erythgha haens dnd unetwe. thatin whed youearnot eothg gesickhaurins twehole. atheou rn procs. anwe'r goingeck toinake tle ltl oc ridean'rin ourolvese comeune so l wn de tsinal ures la ch akesmee s off w foxnepor talnd "sladio es wleffhereorox ior e la "so w one it harre toelie we i hav lame tthend one t spa it aruttlo piegrame av bu we' be teocumting ot f tpa tl yo pam and,bue'e jumng fome ang f theyo d, j ri. >>eon: ah, ep. a f wilheall com ri angor t t>>: , . il l ri. ta aomook a of t she inse t ri takfhens t simutor. elinof lnch exct f g mur. in l fohes. saxc maners faystrouts find i fo. p
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amera's vera comnies are rkintogeer ers raomese inge putore formion righup fnt.. ute rmngh f.. adng n calie lels to ery sgle n, btle, and adck t ny praluce. ls e se be,d tpre. youan me thchoi th's rht f you ou mthoi th r fou y sue, why n't u usthis it got callato anksdad. su y t usisitotalto ksd. th is e nehborod. yoget m stet and u gemaintree ths neor. yot st d gein ee thanyou. d th jus thfirsquarr. anu. th youusant slidth rs youaroffi ? or mkey rs, therne. out id oufi my , er .moremallusinses oose vezon rele thanreny oller inwires ss cserierve n le ere'susi? an she oxpec ng yre ? cer e'si caushetheyecnow y the all sine withhe bt te nolous eyruws. e l ne th btelo ru
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in tpoli or aqai. s drenn w witaniv ddaf the tal?li afind s way d titonvie qdafi th it'af time ? ndoay sp tvi tht' th simteeparent spn. rep tsth sart ldonoes n spe forephe whe onouses npeor jame the whdmintratnse do n'tmehe se oinrlyat oimisc abtdotse weln's m osiony he. o abels mon n, h one ublio.fficl scd athe ia of neeldoliicscome kdat i f quo civiandoe kiplotic. uo e 10ivermnongrsman sinloc. hang lvingffic wor10d asmgran in defee coract andn ttha lngicor as paci fecoct visnded lya ttussi ci and theis l s tr was nanhe vetd bykrhe. tras n adnisttion seni offetialsbyid hav vancwordf i ad st>>on eniffls infavmeds the wncrd i trelin to lib. e was anfdersothl w vis. m awtre thin heib doe. asso hav contists wh t awth qedafioe av gime ntwe c wveye our t conrns q afiut trelin to me c libye.urons a but,ou kw, etrino canib. dy t, k anne tevel to d an tloib >> aorne aede d not ow i eldo a rneuire ae a d visaot
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tonter lib i ndo r exarely h heotis io toerib lib. nxa h he jon? i ib >>.on: 're arinthat ddafsent resi ntn? oba a ert >>king: fe inatnd t tafsentsi ba na air t trikng? f >>es. t t th washe lest ana strirg ik >>uch. ltersth we'as lt td. tr and ke t o ers. hit writt lrse'nolon t d t os. qadd wi's,hallett son undduelys,onlillar s un seetarof ste cntonaid todatheris n mterys s. tseoar s cond what olonda qaderfi n mryeedso do t toak tt atonaddso to hpen. t >> horceneed to hn. w hhdra ce edom titieo tt ty wavra t foieiblyaken t ttreat folyen vlenc and manat vnc cosd n eir nds tbe aos disio mar abois n t depture d fiom mabo weepre fndas feign minter fgn sais darturominr lib. sa dtum the ibtteraseceid by thstatdepamentnd aer he er meeinalybys th witatpant a ly anityen tard
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rwardn to thehite td arouse to jonhefox tews h conrmed at two u. nav potsse re on x h deoned wo uav aer ps nde f18 figer j a ashein ctral calorni f we'rig jold t plahe wen c dowalalni in'r ad t flaldenow nr airtati. it fas a traing mison. n r doirot kw theti it aragis. dentoiesf kw he the pils. derantairlse thegulors il repo the rarlaugh atherir ulaffisc conolle leeppog onhe thegh job aer ey s it ppenn fiebruyonleepon e at mcgob sysont en aportru i n cg on knoxlle, ten asseert we lrnedboutt i tod fro thfede l oxe,viatennee ledut minirati. odro asawma rs qstiothd hide out atenir tfficontr lerni ti oas fmal qiohi t slee las tic mtrthrt f rean nionairpo.eeas m >>urre nnvesnagati wepo did fin anot>>res itiidene difrentidhan thisin one >> otrne? i en if yesntsir,nust ois. ne it was ? uortutely illfesr,ndt o aren theitas pro usstulylf of re he scipnaryroceingshich roll tmina thif eloye iprycegsch tnahi eye jonthe aarortshat ntroer w on ie entially arsleetsng dint m
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nighro shi w i tibut lylike he ee inc dent at maganghatiohil, treas an hert cketrolr inhenc towt a whwas an aioe t t hel pnesanr colin owland whs a tel ps nd he'sonsired e ofheost 'ssid oft ntederrostn a the ed rorld. ameran aornheleri d. nwarern al-aaki. ri e fe actllyad him iar cust y mo-a thai. e htfeearsctyim ago. nigh new estists asmoohahy e rs theyet him g o. gh w tiplusaswordf a dea y hooteyg im a g clege cams usrda inea easrnot a cgeam alama. iefn crespdentasonatn nt iearby flowi al thea. f cspntat breang etai i. rbat's fext.wihe eaai 'st.
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[ malennouer ] e don't ok thway useto. is mo gra al[ leou ] sdotly t lf-c fide.thy se. i mohoulra't ai-agg bjust s sule?sy -cde ul aag b scstptrasuesth?ic. e inctab thareples scra th lo. colgen aduay, inabhapl r a turay sule lk. looln uaand canast up ttwo ars. a rasu l d ant to yos.didn agevernht. why ntiage yoverndnht?gern. inctiositeiscoort, edne, brisin hytie rn? iniote co t,leedg, s llinne bumbrin andeled umps someithnflmati ed sinum maoccu than typelallyd esolps. methflti is an -age ma cur t modthn agyplyol i anvisge scutraa thet t.comodag iscuaaet om
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>> j: a x urnt a we ve goen wd ofeadl sotin g on j ca legeur ae c pusgo wof indl sinaste on c ge alama. c s tness sa somnen one te re sotinouthe al o essaom o ainiv thi sintfteronin at o uthe uni
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tateivhiommuty er coege.t at'sbout0 mi sheni easttefmu montmeryco e. poli rep'st itutasmias a desti ntdisprye an that litep kitle one peon a injed a dsti my s sp anat the k poli sayhey peve anj a muspe thbut mar no liayy pe t orresonatn nt i jus oneowneveresat iusnen er aubu jatha whas t bu last? johhis sho jinghaha t uolde ju alaut? 5 0ohs p.mhoasteg ude ju a me:00 5.m..m ctetralime e cams 0. of calouthne am uni ste counityfth colge. liceayni thaomeo stcoitol o.ned ce ha fieo a foueople w oered fi eier ior a aundoupl a we mivan ei i ad paed o a the man cpusroun .pa ohe 63-ar-o wom w c sstun ad. 3--oom w a 90 sear-d won was st in . e ne and t 90r-wonasack. sin shhaseenir nend lifd t tk. sh sspitn in gifrgia t a it 36-nar-o womas g siat in the a. 6- -o areom n s beiin old e tt a re neid s t s inact s a sdent athe in coege. t so aictiin ts sasntt
7:21 pm
year ld b whocoe. w ati t aprent injared b bhohard w o ying lassroapnt tnj brd minan's ng wissows en ty we thotut. it's notin's carheth twis t wt. vi'sims otrell c iideth t o ouide vi thes i meivant th timef th ohootg. oue he manth meth ot noolice he said heyno belied ts waan iidenic o h domeic vailenc ytheyay li twa ien o me vhenc seypects indd relad tohe vic sms.ct th havnot auallndy lato rease a deripticn. a hougthavt l aalll mea rerts rerese re dept aug l qting me re semerencycann tffics sang h qisng a w te erynnale, tic boutsa h a w 5'6"nde, dringut whi jee6" lirirty. e poce tl us thatheyrehiee aclivelyy.earc ngpo tus fhathaey suspt rit n. aclyrc ft jon. sp jonripret sca n. hois erybo reaing o n. onetca ho eboea g o caus? >>ell ca? ampu cssesavell beenl canlled fhipu ceseveni en n. aned th f belve t cams wi reopni tomrow caustheyo no beliethel tamhatwihis is op omere w usey a nongoili teat tots yonens e cams. a t nooi the tess,they veo
7:22 pm
ne cancled amassefor nohe tons,hty ncd ser n. on >>on: nath hunin aurn, alaba. than >>: thun an, ab anonatn. heas o aignmt covingat othe storinhe ala oma wn we got aord nm ahootovgg on heor calaus. w we wilbrin you at rtort d a the otainig ofnefen ogsca. il interu rt e nifensn "thfox r rept" n remberthxhecorn comnityep acvistreroupern th orrnnizaon h jusomleadty guty t ac viosttinguplectthn orza hus lad gu t inas vasioyngctn ping peoe lo in vgist vots in pg the008eo ecti. ntenstngotsin nexhe8 mthcorn tifaces en aex mrn max um $ce000ine. acniledorax $0ankrtcyase. aced year kr ywellow tt worrs a jan's ar ll tor a ippl fukhima jucle's pla portly h e stplped uke lmakle of radactilaaterwe rt a hstd lk toldhey eadowtiurni theer a atntiotoreve ing yld my eenihe explionsatio veg enneer mnoe sai t eplns ener aiinjeingitro tn inteact nu er jeg oneronnt theoticay it shodctimit nu the buine u o eocaithoit eui volile u
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hyogen o gas a w hopreve any reole hyenascene alike thiopve y afr la mon's earnequakke hiand tsumiever plaaflaon arak exosio hav madedterysuer laffict foworkso estaexioavde wer yd ge therisi ic ufoerrksta r gentrohesi u pan'nuclr agcy dies ro th anon'ercl bagst i ds thno b imm ientmm t decratand rublins sll ttli ovea buet tt wouldeateepd rli sheover entlivebu t nnin pas t fulday. p>> ty wt tert sink in asgovement fpy. so t sma w ty can dr sn itkn ventoma t batyub. an who e thedrit dwninat. eo theops aoad? e d vineran the ts chiren, a td? vanhe eldehiy. n, th's w tt's ong thhat dget >> we cdee athut ws g teopl we car et abo eoplewhore c out a plther righwear now trybog topl fino aut owrytoin a car b. aut peoehoar fraly yingo fire o how a tyeo e t thugh e eneverhera montngtryifi to oy thow t thh enerill. nt yi >>o on: thll n, priden obamsumms thopl. rublin >> : d th t docrain t npren amsenamm to the whe hoe and rli th t dra t nao whho an lhis o topf argents
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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